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The Eric Beasley Foundation (EBF) was founded in 2017 by the former Marine Officer, Statesman, and high school football coach Eric M. Beasley. The Foundation became a formal nonprofit in Tennessee and is a 501(c)(3) organization after the Foundation's founder transitioned on March 27, 2021. Patricia Beasley, his wife and the organization's President, is dedicated to upholding the values and philosophy of Eric Beasley by empowering and engaging under-resourced individuals and families in their community.

The Eric Beasley Foundation's commitment to providing individuals and families with the opportunity for economic, leadership, and interpersonal skill development resulted in an organization distinguished by its ability to improve individual lives, strengthen community bonds, and enhance the future of Jackson, TN, and surrounding counties. 

About Us: Who We Are


January 26, 1964, the legend and bouncing baby boy Eric Maurice Beasley was born to Leroy and Bessie Beasley. He was the golden child and the baby for the whole community. Eric loved God with all his heart and soul and began his spiritual journey at May's Hill Baptist Church in Hickory Valley, TN.

Eric's commitment to God expanded beyond the church walls with a desire to serve his country. After successfully enduring the arduous tests and challenges, Eric became a United States Marine Corps member, where he served for over twenty years.

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Eric was united with his soulmate and wife Patricia on November 27, 2010. On February 14, 2006, Eric and Patricia became a couple. In the fifteen years they were together, they never spent a night away from each other. When you saw one, you saw the other, and Patricia was the love of his life. Eric was also a devoted father to his four sons and three daughters and was the beacon of hope for many of his siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, and community members.

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“The Few The Proud” is a true statement often mentioned by Eric concerning his service in the United States Marine Corps. His bravery and patriotism caused him to enlist in the United States Corp in 1982. He attended boot camp in San Diego, California, at Camp Pendleton on a buddy pass with his best friend Ricky Woods, who preceded him in death. He was later stationed at Camps Lejune. He became a world traveler, including three extended tours in Japan. He fought in the Desert Storm War and was part of the Kuwait cleanup. While fighting the enemy at war, the Marine had another war to fight, the enemy thyroid cancer. While suffering from cancer, Eric coached the United States Marine Corps football team in the “Turkey Bowl.” After three years of battling cancer and receiving radiation treatments, he was cured. Eric retired from the Marine Corps on March 1, 2002. After retirement, Eric and his family returned to his beloved hometown Bolivar, TN. 

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Many legendary sports figures are not recognized or even inducted into the Hall of Fame. Eric was a gifted athlete in the areas of basketball, track and field, and especially football. He was the Captain of the Bolivar Central High football team. Eric was one of the best running backs and linebackers for Tennesee and was known throughout the region for his athlete abilities. He set many records during his high school football years. Eric graduated from Bolivar Central High in 1982. In 2008, Eric became a nontraditional student and successfully gained admission into Lane College.

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Eric was a true humanitarian. In every city the Statesman lived in, he made a difference through humanitarian efforts. In North Carolina, Eric and his son Jarvis coached little league football and could always be counted on to win the state championship.

The Statesman spent his spare time mentoring at-risk youth and assisting Veterans with obtaining their benefits from the Military and Social Security Administration. Eric continued his humanitarian efforts by volunteering at Bolivar Middle School as a track and field coach upon returning to Tennessee. All the players loved and respected him. He provided meals for the players before games and provided rides home to the players after practice. Eric and Patricia held football camps for disadvantaged youths free of charge. Eric was a mentor and role model for the youth.

Eric participated in many plays by the Hardeman County Arts Council. Upon moving to Jackson, Tennessee. Eric continued his humanitarian efforts and was known in the city as a loving, humble, well-respected, giving person. Eric coached Little League Softball for Madison County. He provided meals for the Parkway Middle School team after their evening practices. He continued to hold summer camps free of charge.

He made substantial yearly contributions to RIFA, Women of Hope, and the Dream Center. He participated in Relay for Life yearly. He mentored youth and was a role model. 

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About Us: About Us
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